Evolution gmail authentication

Hi everyone,
I am currently using Evolution (3.36.1-2 version) to manange my email accounts and I am having some problems with the gmail ones. Since the installation of the "new" Mate 20.04, I have been struggling with Evolution that keeps asking my passwords for gmail accounts, google contacts and google calendar. It does not occur always neither for the same accounts, but I was not able to identify any pattern as its seems completely random (I have just made some tests before creating this topic unsuccessfully). Searching around I read it could be related to Gnome-keyring; I checked it is installed and automatically launched at startup. Have you experienced the same problem with your installation?

Thank you

Hi - I am concerned that there has been no response to your post. I have been experiencing the same issue that you describe. I have found that this is a known bug that may have been fixed with 21.10. (I have not personally confirmed this.) For details, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution-data-server/+bug/1952107 .

For now, it appears that we migrate to 21.10 or wait for 22.04 or employ some other work-around.


Thank you for your reply!