Evolution .jpeg distortion

I have used Thunderbird for some time without problems. On my favoured 2010 MacBook Pro, I am using UM 18.04 LTS.
As 20.04 will apparently have Evolution as the favoured email package, I have installed and tried this. I am happy enough with it but have run into a apparent .jpeg issue. See the distorted image attached.
On the same laptop (and other) Thunderbird renders the image correctly.
Any ideas on how I can cure this problem - apart from not using Evolution?
Thanks, EdwinJ

Have you the same problem with others files such as .png for instance ?
Does it appear as distorted when you compress these with ZIp or TAR ?

Hi EdwinJ,
Seems to be a common render error in some imap-accounts cases. You can try:
-Close Evo
-Delete message in question only under:
-Run evo and select missage to show again, what it causes reloading from server.


I have just started to use Evolution and will wait and see if the problem re-occurs.
I have not received any mail recently with a .png file.
Being a unsophisticated user, I leave compression for others.
Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the help, will wait and see whether the problem re-occurs.
My computer skills are such that I will refrain from digging into the mail folders - it will only end badly, in my case!