Excessive memory usage in 18.04

I’ve been using 16.04 64bit for more than two years on my Intel i3, 3.6GB memory laptop with traditional interface (Application, Places) and the idle memory usage was 500MB. But now after fresh install of 18.04, I’m seeing the idle memory usage has been doubled to 1GB. Also other noticeable change was fcitx instead of ibus as the default input method which is consuming more memory.

Is there a way to considerably reduce memory usage in 18.04 64bit like it was in 16.04 64bit?

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Please provide more information about RAM usage from:

  • MATE System Monitor (mate-system-monitor)
  • HTop htop.

Sort view by Memory and post screenshots here.

Sorry for getting back on this very late. Memory usage was there only on live mode. Post installation it reduced to ~450MB on my 3.5GB machine. With swapiness reduced to 10, the performance seems better than 16.04 Ubuntu MATE.

But as posted on the different thread, MATE System Monitor tends to show higher memory usage than htop or free.