Experience with Ubuntu touch on smartphone


I am looking for a new smartphone and I’ve been thinking of getting one that has Ubuntu touch on it. Anyone’s experience with Ubuntu touch? Do you think Ubuntu as a smartphone OS has a future? What is preventing you from using a Linux OS on your smartphone? Most importantly will I be able to use 2 factor authentication apps on a Ubuntu phone? If you have experience with Sailfish OS or Plasma Mobile, feel free to share your experience.


Hello vr_anticipator, the operating system of my phone is Ubuntu touch,
I have two phones, the Bq E4.5 Ubuntu edition and Nexus 5, as the operating system is great, pleasant experience, very similar to Ubuntu top bar and it is advancing little by little, the community is like Ubuntu MATE very nice and willing to help,
Now it has changed to Xenial and some phones are prepared to use Libertine…desktop apps and Anbox…android apps ( in early stage),
I particularly am tired of android and the number of permits in use by their programs, Ubuntu touch is getting better and is designed for the community and your privacy, it Has many apps and web apps, the scopes will go away completely,
have a few phones and tablets and for the next year there will be more, I think the first one will be Xperia X. sorry for my English, greetings…




I like what I see :smile: It looks beautiful. The only thing that I want to know is whether I can install Google Prompt and other 2 step verification apps on it? Other than that seems great.


I don’t think that you can install the google prompt, maybe from the browser you can access google with two steps, but there are many webapps for google, we have an app…Dekko a good email client , there are apps on android that don’t exist in Ubuntu touch, when Anbox is operating at 100% sure that you’ll be able to use it, even if there is a waiting time.

  • There is the possibility that people can carry their phone using Halium, but that is for those who know programming.

another phone that will be ported to Ubuntu touch will be Librem 5, the phone that gives you total privacy.


Hi @vr_anticipator,

I plan to buy a Nexus 5 soon, to use it with Ubuntu Touch. I think it is a pretty great operating system for smartphones if you do not stick with Google Android apps. I only need my phone to read/write primitive messages, calling and taking photos.
There are also only devices supported that you can buy second-hand.
There are some other alternatives but for me Ubuntu Touch is the best one:

A mobile phone from purism which will come out early 2019. Comes probably with various operating system (Pure OS, Ubuntu Touch, KDE Plasma mobile). Not cheap!

Android without Google. List of supported devices: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/

very fresh project for a new mobile operating system based on lineage os.

Mickey :blush: