External speaker audio problems

Hello I am having problems with my audio. in audio settings their are multiple hardware devices that I can choose from. How do I determine witch device is the one I want?

Hey there :slight_smile:
The best is to take the one that have the hardware name of your audio card. Share a screenshot what you have as choice we can help :slight_smile:

here is a shot.

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I think the first one is the one you should use. If you cannot hear the sound output, you can try out a different profile of this device :
I got similar issue with my lenovo external screen. I got to try them all to find the correct one that will play the sound on it.

That hardware option only allows me to use digital stereo output or turn it off. My computer does support split but Their is an analog jack that I would prefer using. None of the hardware options give me analog output.

So if I understand good, now you don't have any audio output ?
Please give us some info about your hardware :slight_smile: