External speaker output problems

After supposedly upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04 from 20.04.4, my laptop's system monitor listed my upgrade as the old one, 20.04.4. Today, I noticed that the headphone output was not delivering audio to the headphones. What I noticed was that the internal speakers were working normally, but the speakers were not as powerful. The first picture shows the sound applet screenshot:

And the second screenshot shows the test speakers output display, which did not indicate sound coming from the headphone output:

Before Canonical began the partial upgrade of 20.04, everything was working without a hitch; the system sent error messages saying that Firefox snap integration would be only partial on my computer, then when it completed the snap updates, the notification said everything was up to date. I am supposed to have a brand-new Ubuntu 22.04, and I am still waiting for it to happen. This is the first time my system has suffered technical problems after an upgrade, Ubuntu has always given me dependable updates. So what is causing my headphone output to not work correctly? I live in an area where I don't have any qualified Linux techs listed, so it's a frustrating thing to feel stranded. Thanks for sharing, I can still use my machine, even without the headphones!

I forgot to include my local system facts, if that's OK....


There's one more thing that I didn't include, I also installed KDE Connect on my Android smartphone, and had problems with full integration until the period within the last 24 hours. KDE Connect worked quite well with the phone, could that have something to do with the loss of the external output? I don't know, but this is the first time the external audio has malfunctioned. Any ideas on what's going on? Thanks again.

Took my laptop to a technician on Tuesday, he pulled up Rythmbox and that reset the speaker and headphone outputs. I have sound through the jack again! Now I have another problem, which automatically came out of nowhere during the evening:

I was attempting to finalize the upgrades to Ubuntu 22.04.4, but was not allowed to finish the upgrades. Anyone has an idea on how to overcome this? Thank you. (the word is "rhythmbox")