Extra OS details for our forum profile?

Discourse is awesome. It feels like a very modern day forum :slight_smile: But I have a suggestion for the Ubuntu MATE Community.

What about adding extra fields that describe our own Ubuntu MATE Environment?

By that, I mean a field to note our main:

  • Distro (Ubuntu MATE, MATE on Ubuntu, Linux Mint MATE, etc)
  • Architecture (i386, amd64, armv7, powerpc)
  • Version (14.04, 14.10, 15.04, etc)
  • Window Manager (Marco, Compiz, etc)
  • Graphics (Nvidia, Intel, AMD / proprietary / open source drivers)

Sometimes solutions may differ if you’re using Marco or Compiz, or maybe another distro altogether. It would allow us to directly answer questions matching the user’s environment, but of course, a solution for other environments are very useful for those silent visitors. :smile:

I suppose we could go a step further and have fields for hardware details. All of this should be optional.

Just an idea. What does the community think?

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Sounds like a good Idea, maybe have it linked to user profile? Or you could add that info to your sig…

I was thinking when a user clicks on another user's profile image/name. I suppose it could already happen now with the "About Me" field, but it wouldn't be too effective if it's just one or two visitors.

Here's a quick mock-up:

Only thing I don't like is stating any equipment specs. Works ok maybe in a one computer house, but not so much with the multi computer household.

This will be awesome.