Extracting Archive vs. Copy-and-Paste

Hi. I have a simple question that I just want to double-check my answer to. I'm extracting folders inside "Scenery" that have the same folder name as the target location; my question is if the files in the folders that share the same name are simply added to said folder, or if the folder's contents are rewritten by the unzipping process, leaving only the files I most recently unzipped? Thanks.

That's going to depend on which software you use to unpack the archive.

Many options are possible in Linux, and there are also many types of archives and compression algorithms other than gzip.

Hi. I use Engrampa for .zip. The purpose is to extract the folders of the "Scenery" folder--a folder Zortho.XP11 (somewhat spelled wrong) is included in the archive--would unzipping that folder to "Custom Scenery" in X-Plane result in the re-writing of the folder Zortho.XP11, or would the unzipping process just add new files? Do I just need to extract to the download folder, then drag-and-drop the folders to avoid erasing contents? I am a little confused by the instructions in the readme.

Sorry, I can't really follow what the directory tree structure is with Custom Scenery, Xortho and X plane.

But it doesn't matter. Extract what you need somewhere temporarily and move files and directories. But know that can overwrite also. Most GUI programs in the Linux world use standard command line utilities behind the scenes to do the actual work. The most common command line utilities can overwrite or not, depending on options chosen, in this case by the GUI interface program.

The way to safely know for sure is mkdir a couple of directories structured like your real ones, populate some sample files using touch, and use engrampa to extract there and see what happens.

Another alternate, all GUI, is to make a backup copy of the entire top level directory, is it Scenery?, unpack over the original and if it doesn't work the way you wanted, restore the original.

Some kind of test, with a backup plan, will always be safer than answers from a forum. Too much danger of someone misunderstanding some details.


I just extracted the folders in the "Scenery" zip to a random place, then dragged-and-dropped the folders from the unzipped file to the "Custom Scenery" folder, then I was asked if I wanted to merge files.
Just posting this in case someone is also wondering how to not risk overwrite versus addition of files to a folder.