Facebook Messenger Chat Window Won't Go Away

I've been having problems on one of my laptops running Ubuntu Mate while viewing Facebook Marketplace using the Brave browser . A chat window covers up 1/2 of the screen so I can't view anything in Marketplace. It doesn't do it when using the Chromium browser. Any suggestions?

Hi, @linuxis4me :slight_smile:

To try to help you, I've just installed the "Brave" web browser in my laptop computer that is running Ubuntu MATE 22.04.3 LTS ("Jammy Jellyfish") by following the instructions available at the "Installing Brave on Linux | Brave" web page - https://brave.com/linux/ - specifically by executing the following commands in a Terminal window:

sudo curl -fsSLo /usr/share/keyrings/brave-browser-archive-keyring.gpg https://brave-browser-apt-release.s3.brave.com/brave-browser-archive-keyring.gpg

echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/brave-browser-archive-keyring.gpg] https://brave-browser-apt-release.s3.brave.com/ stable main"|sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release.list

sudo apt update

sudo apt install brave-browser

As expected, doing that installed the "Brave" web browser, specifically the latest version "Version 1.60.118 Chromium: 119.0.6045.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)" and added a software repository to my Ubuntu MATE installation.

I've then opened the Brave web browser, browsed to the "Facebook Marketplace" web page - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace - and logged in with my "Facebook" user credentials. Everything looks normal and there's no Facebook Messenger chat window opened. Even if I click the round chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen, I then get a relatively small chat window (certainly not one that covers up half of the screen as it's happening to you).

Could it be some issue related to the screen resolution in your computer? I'm using a screen resolution of 1440 x 810 (as seen in the "Displays" / "Monitor Preferences" program of Ubuntu MATE). What version of Ubuntu MATE and what screen resolution are you using? And what version of the Brave web browser are you running?


Thank you, ricmarques, for taking time to address my issue. It only happens on one laptop that is running Ubuntu, not on my other Ubuntu laptops. When I use that laptop again I'll see what version of Brave it's running. The size of the chat window is an issue but not being able to minimuze it or shut it off is what really annoys me.