Faded fonts when using code tags


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I see you edited my command to include bash, you must not like the faded font either. Maybe Luke can give the forums a tweak.


Yeah I thought it was a syntax highlighting bug, maybe the automatic language detection failed for your specific code. Well, that’s not a very big issue. ^^

I shouldn’t even have edited your post, but I was checking it out and I was curious as if adding the bash spec would fix it.


Leaders have their privileges :slight_smile:


@samuvuo posted this for firefox.


btw I don’t know who this guy is but I’ve re-read a number of his posts just now and unleashed a torrent of likes on them. Since he landed 21 days ago he contributed a number of very interesting comments. Sounds like another Leader in the making.


To be clear, neither of you are a fan of this:

I just found an option that lets me specify the “default” code syntax – which I’ve set to bash.


Thats right, darken the faded text it if you can.


Hmm, that didn’t do the trick – the HTML for the page suggests it’s using SQL syntax. I could do a CSS hack as it highlights this as a “comment” or just disable auto highlighting for any unspecified code blocks.

  • Disable auto highlighting
  • Just darken the text

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How do I vote for both :grin:


I think the issue doesn’t occur often enough that it would be worth going with either of those options.


It may also affect other areas like search results.


Okay, I’ve just applied a CSS hack to darken the syntax.

Discourse is also behind in updates, so there could be fixes in this area.