Failure to upgrade to 5.4.0-1013

I have been running 20.04 on an RPi4 with MATE desktop.

I usually run update and upgrade about once per week.

Today I got many error messages, the first one being:

Setting up linux-image-5.4.0-1013-raspi (5.4.0-1013.13) ...
Failed to create symlink to vmlinuz-5.4.0-1013-raspi: Operation not permitted at /usr/bin/linux-update-symlinks line 64.
dpkg: error processing package linux-image-5.4.0-1013-raspi (--configure):
installed linux-image-5.4.0-1013-raspi package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1

Following the errors, uname -a gives me:
Linux ubuntu 5.4.0-1012-raspi #12-Ubuntu SMP Wed May 27 04:08:35 UTC 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Any suggestions?

Quick check, can you run df -h and see if /boot is full or close to it?


I get this:

/dev/mmcblk0p1 253M 118M 135M 47% /boot

which seems OK.

I must say that there was a strange issue the last time I updated, though it didn't seem to cause problems. The /boot/firmware/ folder disappeared and all the files (e.g. usercfg.txt, etc.) were transferred to /boot. Was this indended?

Please note that I run the system from an SSD, though /boot points to the SD.

There is nothing I am aware of that should have moved /boot/firmware into /boot.

I am running and testing on just the SD card but I have not seen that issue mentioned elsewhere.

This is something that is bug worthy, I would recommend filing one.

Details on how to do so are here.

Thank you. I have just opened Bug #1886760.

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It appears that the problem occurred because I mistakenly changed /boot/firmware to /boot when mounting the SD in fstab.