Fan is always on?

So I upgraded to 18.04 and am really enjoying it. My only issue is my laptop's fan is on almost all the time now. I didn't do this when I had vanilla Ubuntu 17.10 on it, only when I've upgraded. I don't know what system information to include so people can help, but here's some basic info on my computer.

Is there something I can change in settings somewhere to reduce the fan on time? The computer isn't performing any heavy tasks or isn't in any hot conditions so I'm not sure why the fan would be on. Thanks for the help.

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I've been looking around some more and have found that even though the processes on my computer aren't using up any CPU, the system monitor is showing that there is still a lot going on.

This was with nothing open on the computer besides the system monitor.

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i have the same problem too. my HP Pro A 14 G4 Notebook laptop, fan keep running and producing loud noise as soon as i login.

i know it is not a hardware/bios problem because i'm dual booting ubuntu mate & windows10 on same laptop.
when boot into windows10, the laptop is quiet but when boot into ubuntu mate, the fan keep spinning loudly.

can someone help?


Hi winterdv,

If your CPU processes stay low, there is no reason for your fan to be running constantly and at moderate speed. Keep in mind that Ubuntu is much more hardware-protective than Window$, which is a real abuser. Ubuntu takes care of it in many ways.

Most likely, if you have not dedicated yourself to change internal processes related to cooling, it is that you have not maintained your laptop for a long time and you have to disassemble it. Try to clean it a little and above all clean the fan, apart from changing the thermal paste of the processor under the heat-sink. Sometimes we forget this and it is VERY important. Take the opportunity to change the CMOS battery. Many tutorials like this one can help you, according to your laptop, be sure this is OK. It's a bit heavy to do, but you'll get by just fine.


as i mentioned i don't believe it is a hardware issue, because when i boot into windows10 on the same laptop, it stays quiet. (and it is a relatively new laptop)
but when i boot into ubuntu mate the fan starts spinning non stop, even though i have not start running any programs & the CPUs usage is minimal.

i did previous installed AMD ROCm/ OpenCL but i have uninstalled it and no difference seen.