Fancy Zones or something similar?

So I've been using Ubuntu Mate for years, and with a 4K 43", I'm basically using quadrants that come by default (after setting them up in the Keyboard Shortcuts program)

My work computer is a Windows machine, and when I remote into using my 4K screen - I had to find a way to get quadrants, and discovered Fancy Zones. After tinkering, I came across (for me) a very useful layout that looks similar to:

xxxx xxxx
xx xxxx xx

Whereby having a full 'quadrant (1920x1080) zone in the bottom center (directly in front of my eyes), 2 upper areas (at 1920x1080) for reference, and 2 1/2 sized areas (960x1080) on the left and right of my main bottom window, with which to swap windows for focus depending on what I'm doing programming-wise for work...

I wanted to do something similar to this in Ubuntu Mate. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I know I can try a tiling window manager, but I'm not sure that's the way I want to go, as I would NEVER want a full screen for anything (other than possibly to watch a movie) or even 2 half screens... I feel that TWMs are laid out with the idea that you are using roughly normal size monitors (and rightly so) where as using a 43" 4K TV is a bit of an edge case (although I absolutely love it - and with quadrants, its like having 4 1080p monitors in a square formation)!

And advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!