Fast audio device switch

It would be interesting to have a list of the available audio devices in the right click menu of the sound applet in the notification area, so that clicking on one of the items in that list instantly switch the active audio device…

I recommend Indicator-Sound-Switcher.

However, the very latest version is, by all accounts, a bit rubbish. So, I am using the last but one version

You can download it from here and then load and install it with gdebi:

Then run this command immediately

sudo apt-mark hold indicator-sound-switcher

The above command will stop indicator sound switcher from being updated to the latest (in my opinion problematic and inferior) version whenever you run an update/upgrade to your system.


Actually, I think I may have just realized that if you install a deb directly, as with the above example, you wont need to invoke the “hold” command since it is not installed from a ppa or an Ubuntu repository. So, it has no external source to update from.

Not that executing that hold command will do any harm. It just wont do anything.

Thanks, it works very well!

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