Feat: mate-power-preferences Brightness lower value smaller increment / key binding

Lower values of the brightness cannot be reached with hardware buttons on the keyboard.
The use case is in the morning when starting my computer I want to go in the lwoer values to not hurt my eyes. I usually go tho 1% or even below.
Also the increment og the hardware key is 5%. So I have to go in the power preference and slide with the tiny slider below 1%.
Then as the sun goes up I have to go to 1,5% 10 min after and so one.

Proposed Solution 1:
Have a simple adaptative scale :

  • from 0 to 5% an increment of 0,5% (or 1%).
  • from 5% to 100% the actual behaviour of 5% increase

This wasn t such an important problem on my previous laptop that reached

My eyes will be greatfull :smiley:

PS: For Auto birghtness : I have set a feature request on the github issue