Feature Request: Allow Mate-Teak to support more WM

I use Wine for playing games in fullscreen and I have issues with Marco and Compiz, I always use “Openbox” because games fullscreen properly and I don’t have any tearing.

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This looks pretty straight forward. :slight_smile:

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I have been a fan of OB (LXDE) forever :slight_smile: and like the idea of adding it to mate-tweak. Not being a developer I do not know just how feasible this is. Maybe @lah7 could comment on this.

Well, I haven’t ever touched MATE Tweak (@Wimpy would be better to ask), but I imagine it’s certainly possible – just like Compiz and Compton were added. My guess is finding the time to implement another WM and make it work well with the MATE Desktop. :thumbsup:

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I wanted to use openbox just for wine because compiz does not render fullscreen correctly and I have problems with cursor focus under mutter, openbox doesn’t have these issues.

This was taken from Linux Mint 17.3 release notes (see below). I don’t use Linux Mint because I think they are too attached to their brand instead of providing as much value as possible. However, I do think they do great work. For them the LTS strategy is brilliant.

"The “Desktop Settings” tool now supports more window and compositing managers. Other than the traditional Marco, Metacity and Xfwm4 window managers, you’ll find the following options:

Openbox: A very fast and very light window manager.
Compiz: One of the most visually impressive window manager available for Linux.
Compton: A compositing manager which can be used in complement of Marco, Metacity, Xfwm4 or Openbox.

A new help section was added to explain various concepts around window managers and compositing."


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I use Wine (via the PlayOnLinux GUI - keeps Wine’s conf intact, etc.) and, by default, Wine employs whichever Linux WM that happens to be active. Of course, you will have to toggle-off Compiz/toggle-on openbox, in MATE-Tweak, prier to initiating your Wine session.

In reference to that last part - the “toggle” part - I haven’t needed to do it, since a few MATE versions back; but, MATE-Tweak (unless my rig had a hack I forgot), automatically puts in an entry for every new WM that you install - allowing you to do what you need.

Please let me know if I am misunderstanding your need. :slight_smile:

You hit the nail on the head. I read a lot of Japanese visual novels under wine (School days for example), so I can’t say how a normal game works fullscreen under wine. :slight_smile:

Does the “you hit the nail on the head” part mean that the correspondence was effective - that you’ve solved the openbox issue? :slight_smile:

I know what the idiom means; I just wasn’t 100% on whether it refereed to the possibility that I hit the nail on the head - only insofar as misunderstanding your need… :sweat:

I was trying to comment that you have understood my issue with wine, [quote=“mated, post:10, topic:10702”]
Of course, you will have to toggle-off Compiz/toggle-on openbox, in MATE-Tweak, prier to initiating your Wine session.

I apologise if my post before confused you. :confounded:

No, No, @UKBEAST_89, your fine! :laughing:

I just wanted to know if you have solved the issue stated at the origin of this thread - if the openbox is cheerfully in your MATE/Wine now.

Good call :100: :slight_smile: