Feature request caja: multiple media-file selection to open all in one app in a list

I used to be able to select several MP3s, for example, in caja. When I would then hit Enter, my media player would open and those files would be set up in one instance of that media player in a list, and the first item on the list would automatically begin playing.
Can this be an option in 22.04? Thank you, Josh

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Please send this feature request to Launchpad by apport-bug caja and then to


Are you sure this is a Caja issue? It sounds more like an issue with your media player, honestly. I'm not trying to doubt you, but the evidence points in that direction.

What media player are you using? What media player opens up when you highlight multiple MP3s in Caja and press Enter? What media player did you use when what you are describing worked? VLC? Celluloid? Something else?

I bring this up because, in some version of Ubuntu MATE (20.04?), the default media player changed from VLC to Celluloid. I know that VLC supports playlists and other fancy stuff like that, whereas Celluloid is supposed to be very minimalistic and inflexible (just like most GNOME software -- :roll_eyes:).

If the problem is just VLC versus Celluloid, then by all means, install VLC, uninstall Celluloid, and then there's no need to start an issue with the Caja project since it's not a Caja issue:

sudo apt install vlc && sudo apt --purge autoremove celluloid

Thank you, I tried tons of media players. I think it came down to the file manager--what it is the file manager is set to do when you select two or more files that are set to open in the same program.

It looks like you didn't read my entire post.

What media player are you trying to do this with? And, what media player did this previously work with?

And, what version of Ubuntu MATE were you using when this worked?

If you can answer those questions, then I can help you. TIA.

This is exactly what caja + VLC do! Seems to me you have to update. My version is Mate 1.26 21.10.

For MP3 files, I use Audacious and it works exactly: Select -> Enter = Here you go
But I am still on 20.04.2 and MATE 1.24.0

I also use Audacious for audio-media and mpv and vlc for video.
All of them play multiple selection issued by caja without problem.
Ubuntu version: 20.04.3
Mate version: 1.26.0

In 22.04 daily builds, Celluloid starts a playlist when started with multiple selections from Caja. My only minor issue is the "loop playlist" button in Celluloid doesn't seem to work (or I can't tell because there appears to be no visible feedback as to its state).