Ffmpeg / ffplay - no hardware acceleration for mmal?

Hi !
Ubuntu mate 15.10 is awesome but I think ffmpeg package is compiled without x264 hardware acceleration mmal decoding !
Ffmpeg team add this to version 2.7 and it works for RPI I compiled it and run it in 15.04.
Is there some repository with ffmpeg package compiled with h264 mmal decoding ?
Thank you !

Have you got a Debian source package? If so, I’ll try porting it :slight_smile:

I didn’t try yet.
I will try to recompile last version from ffmpeg next week.
There is already another problem, when I try to read some video with ffplay sound is out of sync and buggy. Maybe it’s an ffmpeg bug !
Because there is the same bug in chromium reading html5 video (chromium video decoding is based on a fork of ffmpeg) and in vlc too.
If you try to read some video (no HD one) with vlc on mate 15.10 there is some audio delay too. (You must set output video to x11 otherwise you don’t have video output). By the way vlc is compiled without mmal acceleration too so there is no mmal option in videout output options.
It happends too with the native ffmpeg version on 15.10 and the hw accelerate version I compiled on 15.04.
If we can fix that we can have a great solution to play YouTube video !
I explain : MPV (http://mpv.io) handles mmal support so x264 video hardware decoding too and it based on ffmpeg. It works on 15.04 when I compile the last version but with audio delay bug.
Last versions of smplayer can handle both mplayer and mpv to read videos so we can have a great GUI video player. (The version of smplayer in 15.10 only support mplayer because it’s and old version so we have to compile a newer one but it is very easy to compile).
So last step, compile smtube (very easy) http://www.smtube.org which is a youtube browser for smplayer. So we can browse YouTube very fast and easily with search and more stuff and watch video with smplayer with hardware acceleration.
I finish sorry it was long and for my bad English.
What do you think about it ?

Great information, keep it coming. I’m really interested in bringing better video playback to the Pi 2 image.

I compile ffmpeg again with x264 harware decoding , it works but there is the audio delay.
But there is something strange I have to activate then --enable-mmal options to compile ffmpeg with hardware acceleration, it don’t detect anymore I am on a raspberry plateform !!!
On ubuntu mate 15.04 I don’t need to pass that option, it autodetect it !
Another fact, when I play a video I need to force the video codec to h264_mmal to have hardware decoding, I did’t need to do that on mate 15.04.

It is the same for mpv, I try to recompile it but when I configure the build I have that message :
Checking for Raspberry Pi support : no
And there is no option to force it (I tried but get an error).
I don’t know where compilations scripts look at (maybe kernel uname -u ?) to set default options but it don’t work anymore !

Any ideas ?