File Manager that shows video file attributes

What File Manager shows the attributes of a video file that is the resolution and audio format the files have ? The File Manager Files used to do that but no longer does. Windows 10 will list the attributes of a video file.

You can use the Ubuntu MATE default file manager, caja to do that with the caja-mediainfo-tab extension.

To install it, in a terminal window:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:caldas-lopes/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y caja-mediainfo-tab

It will add a "Media Info" tab in the file properties with everything you need.
If I remember correctly, you have to log out of your session after install the first time and log back in in order to make it work.

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Is there somewhere an overview of Caja extensions? A quick google search didn’t bring up anything for me.


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That is a good question. You can look in Synaptic Package Manager and search for Caja. Some of the extensions for Caja are listed, but I did not see caja-mediainfo-tab. A list of all of Caja available plugins would be useful.

altho you asked file may not know that VLC gives you that info too?

pulldown tools -> codec info