File transfer window gets frozen when copying to usb stick

I copied two big files, 2 and 3 gb, to my usb stick / pendrive.

When the file transfer was 100%, the window got frozen and said 0 bytes left, 100% ready and still copying with certain speed. I tried to close the window, it was not closing first, but then forced to close.

When I copied the second file, the first files dialog came also up.

I ended up with two fully copied, fully functional files and one frozen file transfer window with two dialogs.

It seems to happen only with huge files.

Is there a fix? :slight_smile:

Hi John

There are some bug reports and work-a-rounds out on this.

I have not ran into it myself. I wonder if this is because I first zip ( my files and they are under 2G, but more than 1G.

I’ve seen this sort of thing fairly often. In my experience it probably means that (a) the usb stick is not seated well, dirty, etc, or (b) the usb stick has gone south and should be replaced. Whether it happens to explain your particular problem is a whole 'nother question that i can’t answer.