Firefox crashes



I just install Ubuntu Mate on a Raspberry Pi Model B and after the initial login I could start Firefox. After a shutdown and startup when I try and start Firefox it goes straight to a crash report. I renamed .mozilla and the same thing happens. The system is fully patched and it looks like version 64 of Firefox on Ubuntu Mate 16.04.

I have done a search and it talks about editing a file in ~/.mozilla/firefox/’’/prefs.js which doesn’t seem to exist, I know that "" means the *.default directory.

I’m not sure what to ask except is there a working browser for this version of Ubuntu Mate? Looks like it has been a long term problem.




I’m using (and holding) FF 55 - see threads on the topic of some time ago


Thanks for reading through that saga. The prefs.js hack worked in Firefox 57 but with version 58 and beyond it's no longer possible to disable Skia at runtime.

With the release of Firefox 65 + Firefox ESR 60.5 a few days ago I cleaned up my clang flow and posted new custom builds. Try these: