Firefox doesn't recognise proxy setting of mate-network-properties

I’m using Firefox 57 (57.0+build4-0ubuntu0.17.10.5) on Ubuntu 17.10. Chromium is 62.0.3202.89 (62.0.3202.89-0ubuntu0.17.10.1386).

Proxy is optional in my network, it can connect to internet with/out proxy.

When I set SOCKS proxy in mate-network-properties, and “Use system proxy” in Firefox, Firefox can’t connect (“Unable to connect” message shown immediately when I try to go to a website). Firefox can connect if I set SOCKS5 proxy manually via “Manual proxy”.

Chromium can use the proxy (mate-network-properties) without any issue. I can verify whether it’s connected to the proxy or not, even though it’s optional. “Manual proxy” setting is not available on Chromium.

So, I’m not sure it’s because Firefox cannot recognise the proxy setting of mate-network-properties. If it doesn’t, it should be able to connect even without proxy.

Edit: Seems like Firefox issue. It (57.0) can’t recognise the SOCKS setting under Windows 10 as well.