Firefox "pinned" in Sound Control (22.10)


I'm not running Firefox and I still see it in the audio control. Does anyone know how to remove?


The settings of applications that are shown in audio control are stored in 'dconf'.
'dconf' is a registry-like (binary) configfile. A kind of key-value-pair database typed thing.

There are two ways to edit this 'dconf': From a GUI or from the commandline.

To use the GUI, first install it:

sudo apt install dconf-editor

Then, after you start it, navigate to "/org/ayatana/indicator/sound/interested-media-players" and remove firefox.desktop from the presented stringvalue
(my apologies for the fact that the dialog I show here is in my native language)

If you prefer to use the commandline:

dconf read /org/ayatana/indicator/sound/interested-media-players

this will reply with a valuestring like:

['mpv.desktop', 'firefox.desktop', 'vlc.desktop', 'audacious.desktop']

Then write the valuestring back without firefox.desktop

dconf write /org/ayatana/indicator/sound/interested-media-players "['mpv.desktop', 'vlc.desktop', 'audacious.desktop']"

and you're done.


Thanks a lot for the reply and help!