Firefox problem with BlackMATE theme!

Hello everyone!
After the last Firefox 51.0.1 (32-bit) update, my theme is too bright on the drop down menus.
Any idea how to solve this?
I would appreciate any advice and thoughts.

Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus) 32-bit
Kernel Linux 4.4.0-59-generic i686
MATE 1.16.1

You could try a newer Firefox version, like beta or the Firefox nightly, and see if Mozilla is working on fixing it. I’ve noticed some theme bugs (scroll bars were too wide) are fixed now in Firefox 52, which is currently in beta. [Edited to add:] The way Firefox’s versions work is that beta is one version ahead (so 52 now) Developer Edition is two versions ahead (so 53 now), and nightly is three versions ahead (so 54 now).

There’s an official PPA for Firefox beta: It replaces .the regular Firefox, but I’ve used it for months without any issues. (Before that I used Firefox beta on Mac for years also without any problems personally.)

You can also download Mozilla’s binary releases (beta; Developer Edition, which is their alpha; or Nightly: These don’t install, so they don’t replace anything, you just unpack them and run the firefox binary.

Note that Developer Edition uses a new profile by default while beta and nightly use the same profile as regular Firefox on the same machine. In theory using a newer version could make your profile incompatible with the older version after that, but I switch between beta and nightly constantly and have never had a problem.

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Choice #2 would be FF/ESR.

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Hi @Bombilla. Sorry I have no solution. What I do have are some Virtual Machines a few weeks behind in updates and sure enough, here’s what I find…

  1. That menu background used to be dark. It changed to a light color making the white font unreadable.

  2. I updated Firefox and only Firefox and the problem exists. Other updates not involved.

  3. Mate 1.12 and Mate 1.16 both show this problem. The PPA is not involved.

All these things point directly to Firefox and some kind of change to their default theme. Another Firefox theme or other versions as @elcste and @anon42388993 suggests may be the solution.

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Thanks @elcste, @anon42388993 and @Bill_MI for your replies
For now I’ll take your good advice in mind, If there is no other option I will consider your suggestions.
@Bill_MI confirmed exactly what is going wrong here…so consider this as solved.
I appreciate your support and effort and see your next time, thanks guys!


I just found something I didn’t want to find. That menu background stays dark so remains fine in Ubuntu-Mate 16.10 which, I think, has all the themes completely converted to GTK3+.

This makes it very possible the Firefox change has uncovered a bug or quirk in the older GTK2+ BlackMate theme. For sure, the issue is more complex and the way themes work (something that recently got my head spinning) I’m not surprised.

Right now, I’d guess the extensive GTK3+ conversions, a complete redo of a lot of things as I understand, has been done well. Or, something superior in the GTK3+ implementation overrides light text on light backgrounds. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help the LTS.