Firefox update pop up message on each daily laptop startup!

Hi, Each day, when I turn on my laptop and open firefox, I get this pop up message;
"Pending update of "firefox" Snap. Close the app to avoid disruptions (13 days left)."
Does this mean we are not supposed to use firefox until it updates?
The message persists until I click on it, to turn it off? Is this for real?
I really like this new version of Ubuntu Mate, the team has done a great job, but, I am peeved that this snap version of firefox has been dumped on us by default on installing 22.04. I can't even use my system theme with it?

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Hi, @madlogic .

I haven't yet encountered myself that pop up message notification "Pending update of "firefox" Snap. Close the app to avoid disruptions (13 days left)." since I upgraded from Ubuntu MATE 18.04.5 LTS ("Focal Fossa") to Ubuntu MATE 22.04.1 LTS ("Jammy Jellyfish") a week ago. However, I've done a few web searches now and I found the following popular question (asked 3 months ago, by the user "Emilio" ("User Emilio - Ask Ubuntu"), on 3 June 2022 and upvoted 73 times so far) in the "Ask Ubuntu" web site, regarding that Mozilla Firefox snap issue:

The accepted answer to that question was posted on that same day (3 June 2022), by user "karel" ("User karel - Ask Ubuntu"), is also very popular (upvoted 67 times so far) and, after I've read it just now, I also consider it to be very informative. Here's the text from that answer (available at ):

"If you have received a notification of a pending Firefox update it will appear as a small bell icon next to the clock in the top panel. Clicking on the bell will show a Firefox pending update notification as shown in the below screenshot.

enter image description here

As soon as you see the Pending update of "firefox" snap. Close the app to avoid disruptions (13 days left) notification (which means you have 13 days to upgrade Firefox yourself or else the Firefox snap package will get an unattended upgrade) close Firefox and then reopen it after updating the Firefox snap package is finished. If the pending update to the Firefox snap package has not started yet, it can be initiated by running sudo snap refresh. If you don't close Firefox after Firefox has finished being updated, then you will be unable to open any new tabs until you close Firefox and then reopen it. "

I've also found the following detailed article in the "It's FOSS" web site about this issue:

For what is worth, I also consider that the text of that pop up message notification ("Pending update of "firefox" Snap. Close the app to avoid disruptions (13 days left).") is NOT very informative (and may even scare some users) and I don't see how a user would gather, from that message, that the idea is to close Firefox AND wait for the next snap automatic update or manually run a snap update (for instance, by running the command sudo snap refresh) AND only then reopen "Mozilla Firefox".

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi ricmarques, That was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the obvious effort you put into helping me! You definitively nailed it!
Warm regards,

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Yes it is possible to simply use this method:
sudo killall firefox && sudo snap refresh
How to Fix the “Pending Update of Firefox Snap” Notification Issue

But also avoid the snap:
Uninstall Firefox Snap and Install Firefox via a Different Method.

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Personally, this what I've had to do on all my systems, uninstall snap, firefox etc. & install Firefox-esr

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