Firefox update. Worrying banner appears

Hi. I'm seeing a banner at the top right hand side when using Firefox.....something about it updating and that I need to close Firefox.
Nothing appears to change or happen.
OH....and another thing.
I use Amazon Prime won't work because it tells me that I need to update Firefox.
Am I missing something here.

In Firefox, Help > About Firefox should tell you the version and if it needs update or restart.

sudo snap refresh firefox once it's closed

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Did that. Took about half an hour. No change. I still can't use Amazon Music.

is DRM playback enabled?

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I'm looking in Firefox settings:- General.
Sadly, I'm not seeing "Digital Rights Management (DRM) content"

Really? What version of Firefox are you running?

109.0 You know, often when I follow a list of instructions, I get right through to the last one only to find that on my computer, that option isn't there.

strange. Does it say anywhere that some or all options are managed by your organization?

Firefox > Edit > Settings > General

after Applications before Firefox Updates

Screenshot here....................and my next question. I need a PAINT like application so that I can crop. Screenshot at 2023-01-23 18-33-45.png - Google Drive

xnview is really good. Just disable the browser setting in the settings > General

"Your browser is being managed by your organization" (They would have control over what is available). Note that this could be as simple as using the MATE Firefox start page, or it could mean the entire thing is being managed.) Is your installation a snap? If so download the .deb from the repositories and see whether it works better. (They can both exist on your system at the same time)

what architecture is your pc?

I'm using a 64bit Raspberry Pi

Hi Mickee. I'm a bit old and slow. Where would I get the .deb?

as far as I know you can install it using dpkg, I'm a bit rusty with that and have no experience in Raspberry PI so maybe someone can verify this before you run the commands, You may need to download it first - I don't recall as I don't use dpkg very often. You can get it here:

after downloading, open MATE terminal and change directory to the download location like

cd Downloads

and type

sudo dpkg -i firefox.deb (needs to be whatever the name of the file is)

and follow the prompts. You will have to enter your password to use sudo

Can I get one of the members make sure this will work on Raspberry pi?

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.