Firefox using excessive resources and locking up

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and the default Firefox browser, currently 74.0. I have been having a lot of problems with Firefox using excessive resources and locking up the system causing me to have to do a hard reboot. I believe it is scripts. So far most script blockers I have tried have been intrusive and prevented pages from loading or properly loading. Yahoo and a few Linux tech sites being the worst offenders. This started about two or three Firefox updates ago. Is anyone else having similar problems? Does anyone have a light non-intrusive script blocker add-on to recommend?

one thing I found is too many addons/extensions can slow it as well. And as you found a good addblock-er is essential.
ps: any of the highly rated work for me.

I don't use a lot of adons. No script add-ons seem to prevent accessing comments and captcha. You can white list the site but then I lock up. If I don't I can't access much of the site. I have tried all the popular no script add-ons. I did find some thing this morning, and am going to print it out and put it in my laptop case to see if it works, and use until I become proficient.

How to Restart a Frozen Desktop in Linux

What make this odd it is one of the sites I have the most trouble with freezing. Hopefully this works and I will not have to hard reboot every time the sites lock up my laptop.

if you are using "mate" desktop I don't think much of that will be of use to you. If you run "top" in a terminal window you might glean more info.

Well I tried the first one and it worked. I don't expect them all too, but Mate is a branch of Gnome2 so if even one or two work that keeps me from at least some hard reboots, I will be happy. Mate uses Gnome software as default like Brasero and Gnome Disks. When my screen locks up, I cannot open a terminal, if I could I would just pkill Firefox. It is definitely certain pages on my web browser. I can open them and watch the resource usage and swap go straight up on both GkrellM monitor or Mate Monitor.

maybe these would prove useful. .
"cntrl, alt, t" is a key combo shortcut to open a terminal window, you could have it running in the background,
"alt, tab" cycles between already open windows,
"killall firefox" might be a useful command to run in case . .
ps: would more ram help? or a different browser, like chrome?

I have plenty of ram, use pkill and killall commands, but I cannot open a terminal when this happens. I can open a page and watch my resource usage climb to 100% on Mate Monitor or Gkrellm monitor. I never have more than two tabs open on the browser, and as I said it is only certain sites. When I block scripts it stops, but keep me from accessing content.

all I can suggest from here is email the site admin. . .

Data, data, data.

Please provide a list of add-ons that you are using. Does starting Firefox without any add-ons cause the same problem(s)?

I use the uBlock Origin extension myself but really don't venture far from technical sites.

These are the addons I use:
canvas defender
clear browsing data
Google anayltics blocker
OFFMP4 - Best Video Download Helper
Privacy Badger

The two sites that give me the most trouble are:
Yahoo and Maketecheasier (linux tips)

You didn't say if you've tried starting FF with your add-ons disabled so I assume not. Please see -

and also -

It appears that you use more than one blocker. This can lead to the trouble you are experiencing. I strongly recommend starting FF with all your add-ons disabled, going to the troublesome sites and see if your problems persist. Then enable your add-ons one by one in order to determine which one or which several provide you with problems. Just normal detective work...

Have fun jymm. And good luck.

I will give it a try, thanks.

I am guessing this is the problem I have been experiencing.

From some reading I used "about:config" to stop google safe-browsing spying and firefox telemetry spying. It has made a huge difference in resource usage. Reporting back to the mother ship and her satellites seems to use a lot of resources.

Completely unrelated.

Had you considered using Vivaldi as a browser? It has a lot of the tab management features I was trying to cram into legacy Firefox and it's very feature-rich, without leaning on a bunch of addons to add such features. Ultimately a more bloated product than vanilla Chrome, and the feature creep is really starting to show with each update but so far it's been a very solid browser that's been fulfilling most of my needs, both for utility and folly.

I've talked about it in-depth, but core features you may be interested in;

  • 2FA sync login for enhanced privacy
  • Spatial "Stacking" of tabs to categorize by domain or purpose
  • Split view of selected or stacked tabs to view at-once in the same viewport
  • High compatibility of Chrome addons from Google Web Store to bolt on extra features
  • Inclusion of mobile-optimized webpages by viewing them via a "Web panel"

The last feature in particular is great for browsing social media feeds, and funny enough if you use Instagram it's the only easy way I know of to use its Direct feature for messaging people through that service. Though, many websites not designed for use in a web panel will require some tinkering using Stylus, TamperMonkey or JS as a Google extension via dev mode, but it's getting better with time as people submit client-side code expressly for use with Vivaldi web panels and as more services develop and revamp for use on mobile screens via mobile web browsers.

Solved 7 days with no freezes.