Firefox with GPU acceleration not working with Marco


I just noticed that Firefox does not play well with GPU acceleration in Marco (Ubuntu Mate 19.10).

It's enable to render anything (GUI and pages) and soon crashes whenever I enable layers.acceleration.force-enabled or gfx.webrender.all in about:config.

Is it to be somehow expected? Any explanation or workaround?

I found that it works well with Compiz (and in Gnome Shell).

Problem: I have Intel, not Nvidia. You made a wrong assumption.

And no trouble in previous version, no tearing, etc. There is another problem.

I also disagree, acceleration is a nice improvement in Firefox, and it could be much better with vaapi for videos...

Please, I don't want to be told what I need or don't.

I am looking to catch the attention of developpers or at least get some technical insight on why Marco would not play well with it.

You could configure the Intel driver to avoid tearing, which I always did (see arch wiki).

That's not what I want to discuss @mircea. You are killing my thread... :-/

solved ... now you can discuss here what you want ...