[Firmware bug] : No firmware reserved region can cover this Contact BIOS vendor for fixes

Hi, When I started installation of Ubuntu MATE 22.04 this issue was there....
during boot-up it shows some error might related to secure boot and UEFI related.

This is the error during the boot-up occurs each and every time

And another chain link to this issue is "NO TMP chip found",

But actually my TPM was available and enabled in my BIOS

Other Details :
UEFI and SecureBoot Enabled

Is there is any solution to this problem............

                                                     :pray: ThankYOU :pray:

Hi, I cross checked the TPM availability in my system by installing fedora it showing TPM is available.

Is there is any fix...for this problem..

Disable tpm in the bios and see if that helps.

Hi @Basil_Cat I've also tried disabling it but still the issue is there. Around the internet everyone advised to enable TPM.

TPM is bad. Windows 11 requires it so that you can buy a new pc.

Disable everything related to fast boot and secure boot

I have both laptops one ASUS which is my main laptop for daily usage and the other is HP connected to TV via HDMI and have both screens showing this during the boot session.

I am not bothered but curious how to get rid of this error.

in my ASUS fast secure boot is disabled..