First time MATE user

This is the first time I try MATE and find it so intuitive. I like Cinnamon, but MATE just flows better in my mind and I don't have to search for things as much. I'm still using Linux Mint because of so many things I have done with it over the years, but UM has won my heart. I have tried almost all of Ubuntu's Desktops, and MATE is the best IMHO, and beats all Desktops.


Yes it is awsome! if you have some questions or need support, just ask :slight_smile: (Danish or English)


MATE is available on Mint - I first encountered it there. So if you prefer Mint, you can stay with it and still use MATE.

Yes, I tried it on mint as well, but I prefer the way it works on Ubuntu.

Hi all. I've been a windows 7 user for years now but with Microsoft's discontinuation of security updates, I been presented with an unwanted dilemma. I don't care for the privacy issues built into Windows 10 and anyway, updating my machine to windows 10 is not recommended. I certainly don't see why I should ditch a perfectly good machine and shell out hundreds of pounds merely because Microsoft has abandoned me.

So I started looking at Linux as a possible solution by binge watching youtube videos (helped by the coronavirus lock-down). I've found it all very confusing, especially the terminology, the use of the terminal, and the number of distributions available but I've also been very impressed. All in all, it's been a culture shock. I've tried a number of distros recommended for those moving from ms windows to Linux but for one reason or another they were not quite right; that is until I tried Ubuntu Mate. It works fine on my spare 32bit machine and I get on with it really well. It's still early days and have not yet taken the plunge to install it on my main computer, but I've noticed I've happily spent more time on the spare machine than my main one, something I did not do with the other distros. I have no idea whether Ubuntu Mate is the work of one person or a community but either way, I'd like to express my appreciation.


The graphics and fonts appear better on Ubuntu Mate then Linux mint. I have used them both for years and Mint's fonts look out of date and dull.