[FIXED]Switching between Marco and Compiz completely broke desktop

Running ubuntu MATE 15.10. I tried switching from marco to compiz and back via the MATE tweak tool and it completely broke my desktop. Only the wallpaper shows, desktop items, panels, etc. don’t. Alt+F2, CTRL+ALT+T etc. don’t work either so the desktop seems completely locked with no way to even open a terminal, only pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE to log out works, so I can’t use fixes like deleting ~/.config/dconf/user.

Any help would be appreciated

EDIT: after a couple of reboots CTRL+ALT+F1 decided to work and I managed to fix up marco by following the instructions given in this post: Problems switching between Marco and Compiz, or Compiz crash - Locked up Desktop

In order for the shortcuts to work open ccsm (compiz config settings manager ) and enable the mate plugin

Does pressing F12 drop down a terminal?