FL Studio unable to launch via wine, however middle clicking link to exe does work

Link to terminal output when in program directory and running "wine FL64.exe"

I have FL Studio installed on Wine 4.0

Running a desktop shortcut [middle click] directly to the .exe in /.wine/ works.

However any type of bash script or command results in FL Studio hanging in it's initial boot up stage -
(in the case of 'wine FL64.exe'https://pastebin.com/vGGYK64u)

or launching, then crashing -
(when using the MATE menu's preconfigured command; https://pastebin.com/EfNb87G1)

Any help would be appriciated.

The output doesn't provide any useful diagnostics, it's pretty much fixme 's for a Wine developer.

However, the command in your last Pastebin looks quite complicated and could be the cause of the application not starting properly. Try launching the executable in this structure:

wine-stable 'C:\Program Files\FL Studio 20\FLStudio.exe'

(You'll need to adapt this path accordingly as I haven't used this program)

WINEPREFIX doesn't generally need to explicitly stated unless you have multiple Wine prefixes.