Flatpak - its future in Ubuntu-Mate?


I have just come across this:

Could the team say exactly what this does and does not mean please? :thinking:

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As part of our combined efforts, the Ubuntu flavors have made a joint decision to adjust some of the default packages on Ubuntu: Going forward, the Flatpak package as well as the packages to integrate Flatpak into the respective software center will no longer be installed by default in the next release due in April 2023, Lunar Lobster. Users who have used Flatpak will not be affected on upgrade, as flavors are including a special migration that takes this into account. Those who haven’t interacted with Flatpak will be presented with software from the Ubuntu repositories and the Snap Store .

Did you read the source for what Joey wrote, ie. Ubuntu Flavor Packaging Defaults - Community - Ubuntu Community Hub

It means a new install of Ubuntu-MATE 23.04 or later will not include flatpak support out of the box; you'll need to install that support via sudo apt install flatpak first (ie. Flatpak will still exist in repositories, just won't exist on Ubuntu-MATE ISOs), plus adding any flatpak repositories you'll want to add.

It won't impact upgraded systems, only new installs that need to manually apt install flatpak for support to be added.

Note: You asked for the 'team' to respond; and that's not me (not really; I'm part of the extended Ubuntu community though), so if you want a Ubuntu-MATE team member to give a response you'll have to wait.

FYI: Lubuntu never did include flatpak support; being one of the flavors that has no change here, but I'll provide a link on using Flatpaks that applies with Lubuntu 23.04 as well as prior releases; ie. Ubuntu-MATE 23.04 will become just like Lubuntu with regards flatpaks going forward & why I'm using Lubuntu as an example (that and its easy for me).



The attempts to get people to love snap aren't working, so one more widely adopted alternative for desktop apps is being made slightly harder to use by not including its base software in new installs from 23.04.


It will also make the ISOs for those flavours that did have it a tiny bit smaller.


Honestly, I don't think this is a massive deal, it is just a command line install away. I hope they are looking at improving snaps though.

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