Flipping Text Horizontally

Hello all, I would like to make stencils. I need to be able to enlarge the text up to 3", and then flip it horizontally. I see Libre Office/Draw has this flip horizontally feature, but there is no way to enlarge the text enough.

I can’t find anything in Master PDF Editor.

What can I use to accomplish this?

Thanks for the help…


I have not done this, but what about GIMP?



You can increase font size past the dropdown's maximum value by using the "Increase font size" button marked with a red square in the screenshot below (taken from LibreOffice Draw, version

Thank You so much, it works fine. I don’t use Draw programs much, as is evident.



Thank You v3xx. I don’t have GIMP installed, but will consider it. Have always found GIMP way over my head.



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