Focal, Mesa and Vulkan

Hello mates,

I've been using Bionic for a while and every Mesa update didn't include mesa-vulkan-drivers installation, but it is available as an optional manual install.

Just migrated to Focal and noticed it's newest Mesa 20 has vulkan support fully integrated.

It is said that Vulkan is the future of graphics on Linux and the next generation replacement for OpenGL.

I understand this is a great improvement of graphics, specially for a faster gaming support, according to this:

"Mesa 20 supports the Vulkan 1.2 graphics ... Mesa 19.2.x lists Vulkan 1.1.2 as the supported version but most of the extensions added to the Vulkan 1.2 specification are there as optional extensions. Vulkan 1.2 made previously optional extensions mandated parts of the new core specification."

I prefer the look and feel of previous Bionic Mesas before version 20.

I checked some gaming and saw how the graphics are truly amazing, but I use my computer mainly to watch movies, videos and photos and to my eyes the picture quality overall of media is just not as good as before.
It is my personal opinion, so please respect that. :thinking:

So, there was I trying to

sudo apt remove libvulkan1 mesa-vulkan-drivers

like I usually do on Bionic, but now Focal tells me it's not possible to remove vulkan packages without some 50 more other packages, almost the entire system including all xorg and gnome packages and even ubuntu-desktop.
I uninstalled them all and tried to reinstall, setting vulkan on hold , but it wasn't possible without it.

So my question is simple, vulkan is now deep within the system and cannot really be removed?

If not, that's ok I'll just continue to hang around with Bionic.

Can someone please perform a quick terminal check?

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I really don't have such pencil.
Does my profile need higher privileges to do so?

Not sure, I would think as long as you authored the post there should be an edit function there. I do see yours is missing. Check if you have at least a basic badge. Maybe you need to contact a site editor.