Folder-color and Yaru themes

So ubuntu-mate-21.04 is here, with new cool yaru icons. And it also has really nice folder-color caja addon, which allows us to change folder color with 2 clicks; sadly yaru themes aren't compatible with it. Also radiant and ambiant mate themes miss green as an option in selection if you choose different colour for your desktop. So let's look what's wrong and how to fix this.
If you navigate to Ambiant-mate icons folder and look into folders with different resolutions you'll see they contains files like 'folder-blue.svg' or 'folder-cyan-downloads.svg' - for common and special folders, all the colours supported bu folder-colour plugin; except green, because it's the default one. And that's really easy to fix with few symlinks:
Fix for ambiant mate icon theme
'Ambiant' can be changed to 'Radiant' in THEME variable. This script makes green folders available to all alternative color theme selections.
But new yaru icons sadly don't contain any colored folders in mother theme. Well, that's not that hard to fix either, as we have 10 variants of yaru icons - but you need to install them first. You can enable ubuntu ppa for mate-color themes by clicking any colour in ubuntu-mate welcome app and then install a package with all themes, which is called ubuntu-mate-colours-all
And with all those icons it's possible to make a scheme for folder-colours plugin
Yaru colours
A bit less colours available than for ambiant or radiant theme, but still better than nothing.


That's how it looks now. Sure it's better to package this, but i'm too lazy for it :frowning:
And somehow I forgot about red color
for COLOUR in Blue Brown Orange Pink Purple Yellow Red # add it here

Hello and thanks, it looks great :smiley:
If you have 5 minutes to help translate this entry from the menu:

And for "Revert to Previous Version..." magics happens here:

And "Open as Admin" is here:

Then wish these 3 packages are often synchronized :slight_smile: