Folder colors not working - Ubuntu 18.04 MATE Caja 1.20.2

Being able to give finer meaning to folders and files is VERY USEFUL.
This version did promise the ability to do that via Caja.
This was the reason I upgraded from 17.10 to 18.04 with MATE.
But folder colors AND emblems is not working.

Please advise.

Just wanted to let you know. Other than that, *** Thank you very much *** for the great work!

Long time Ubuntu Mate user. Tried all other desktops and distros (over the years) and keep coming back to MATE!!!


i also have this issue - emblems and folder colours not working. it's possible to select an emblem for a file, but it doesn't stay there. i'm on 20.04.2 but also had this problem before on 18.04.