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Sorry, bit of a newbie still on some things after over 15 years of using Linux. I' m not comfortable using boot-repair, it works like a black box. Here' s the system config:

  1. laptop is an old Dell Precision M6800; initially I set it ups as a dual boot, but don't care if Win 10 lost.
  2. there's also a HDD 250GB on which I've installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 with following partitioning:
    sda1 : fat32, 512MB
    sda5 : ext4, 108GB, 62GB used, mounting / for Ubutnu
    sda6 : ext4, 87GB for a future /home disk
    free 37 GB
  3. there's an old 60GB SSD that I wanted to use for swap space but it does not show with gparted.

I had an issue with video and audio drivers after an update. I forced re-enstalling video drvier and after this can' t get the GRUB menu during booting; just a blank screen and can' t get a console or anything.

I looked at Wolfman' s 2020 support to monamtb' s request for help, post #21901 in May 2020, including some of the links like:
but this link no longer works, and the site no longer seems to have this page with a similar title.
I'd really prefer to just fix the grub boot problem so I can boot into recovery mode and fix the drivers issues (may need a bit of guidance as previous attempts resulted in worsening a problem).
So I've used repair-boot in the past and have not always gotten results I hoped for, so I was using Get grub menu back after installing Ubuntu 20.04 alongside Windows | by Jerry Lei | Medium for guidance.
I've modified /etc/default/grub, after doing a backup of all data on the drive, and of the grub file itself, all from a bootable Ubuntu 20.04.5 USB stick. However I can' t get the grub-update command to work.
a) sudo grub-update
b) sudo grub-update /media/ubuntu-mate/uuid

Any ideas please ?



sudo update-grub

I think

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Yes Mickee, that' s what I meant. Here' s what happens:
ubuntu-mate@ubuntu-mate:~$ sudo update-grub
/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `/cow'.

Any ideas?