For a pixel-perfect future

I decided, for the heck of it that I would do a little clean-up on the image at the Ubuntu MATE front page. The couple things I did;

  • Cut in half and flipped the MATE logo
    (to remove its shadow)
  • Cut in half and flipped the heart
  • For the one with white, inverted the math signs.

Drop either one somewhere on your image. Or, even cooler yet, use it in a Conky theme so all of your images can have either of the images on top of it, without any editing!

(For the second one, They're there, trust me.)


I will update the site to use your service soon :slight_smile:

Not sure when Wimpy did it, but the top image is now live as the image users see when they visit Pretty cool, despite it being not that significant a contribution to just remove the shadow from the MATE logo.

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