For what do I need Systemd Portable & Systemd Container & systemd-nspawn?


I saw new features on Systemd:



For what do I need these services?

I have read manpage of it but I don't understand it.

Is systemd-importd.service
needed when use another vm software?

and for what do I need "systemd-portabled.service" ?

According to package contents search results from all these

services are part of systemd-container package.

You can find official documentation at systemd or use ArchLinux wiki - Linux Containers - ArchWiki .

@ Norbert_X, thanks!

Do I really need the
package "systemd-container"?

I don't know for what I need it for on my system, I have no need for it.

Can I remove safetly that package "systemd-container" ?

You can ask the aptitude why this package was installed:

sudo apt-get install aptitude
aptitude why systemd-container

if you have only one following line

i A systemd      Suggests   systemd-container

then it is safe to remove this package.

ok, thanks @ Norbert_X :slight_smile: