Forcing window decorations in Mate

Due to my work requirements I have to use Microsoft Team for communication. This app is not supporting native window decoration, specifically top bar. I heavily use that bar in other applications to set windows always on top or always on visible workspace.

How can I force Teams to start with top bar enabled?

I know that it's somehow possible because once, due to some kind of glitch (or maybe I turned it on with some shortcut by accident), I saw Teams window with native top bar and it was working like that until restart. Currently I'm using 20.10 but I saw that behavior about a week ago on 18.04.

Hi there :slight_smile:

I totally agree your point of view :slight_smile:

You can achieve that with a small tool - devilspie

Just set this rule inside devilspie config :slight_smile: :
(if (is (application_name) 'Microsoft Teams') (begin (decorate)))
You have some info how to use this tool here :

I know this software good and using it everyday ! Do not hesitate to ask for help.

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Hi, thank you but this doesn't work. I installed devispie, created all necessary configs (application name actually is just 'teams') and nope it doesn't work.

Funny enough, Teams glitched again and I had top bar for last couple days until I started playing with devilspie and had to restart Teams. So now I'm waiting for another glitch.