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Hope this is the right place, I’m new so correct me if I’m not posting in the right section.

A suggestion, have links open in new tabs for external sites (e.g. target=_blank). I know holding down CTRL + Click is the best way to do this now, but this could save active traffic on the site and make browsing a bit more convenient for visitors.

I’m often working with multiple browsers and workspaces, and tend to close single tab browsers when I’m done with the page, then the interest is lost for that moment in the site because it’s no longer there if I’m just browsing casually / learning.

Anyway, great site and great OS! Thanks Mate and Mate community, saved me from having to go to XFCE or stick wtih Gnome 2 for another 20 years. :grin:

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Hi @Larry, you’ve reached the right place, thanks for the feedback!

I have a habit of middle clicking to open links in new tabs. Luckily your suggestion is just an option, so I switched it on. :slight_smile:

Thanks Lah7 for confirming! Unfortunately clicking external links still opens in the same window for me, but if this is mostly user based settings, I’ll give it a dig around and update my Forum account settings.

Example of an external link that opens in the same window,

The link in the first post to be more specific.

This is just a minor feature, so I can bite the bullet on this one. Otherwise, no other issues linger and the forum is serving it’s purpose very well.

It seems to work here. Like the article links in this particular post opens a new tab as expected:

However the link in your post stays within the community so it won't open a new tab. It seems that "external links" refer to other websites, not all links on any post.

Very strange! I’ve looked at the source and can see that it’s set to open in a new window, but it doesn’t on my browser. Probably an addon I’m using like uBlock Origin. Thanks! I’ll poke around and see if I can sort this on my end and I’ll update here if I find a solution.

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