Freeze the system for 2 years

I want to put my Ubuntu Mate 16.04 to deep freeze for 2 years-no kernel updates, no security updates, no program updates, nothing.
What should I do?
This is for package-by-package.


Don’t connect the machine to the network?
I guaranty you’ll get no updates if the machine has no network access.

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snarky answer - unplug your system from power, and if a laptop take out the battery :sunglasses:
###Strongly suggest keeping security updates available!
You may use the Software & Updates section from the Control Center, be sure to review each tab.

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Remove update-manager

Why do you want to do this?

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There’s no way to do this 100%, unless you never install any software. Reason being, sometimes individual applications will depend on newer libraries, and that will cause a chain-reaction that will update things.

But to accomplish this, what you’d want to do is to disable the update manager, which you can do in Preferences > Startup Applications, and then you’d basically want to never use the apt commands.