Freezing / Hanging When Attempting to Change Printer Driver

Hi, Hoping someone can help me with an interface 'hanging' problem.

Ubuntu Mate found my printer automatically and successfully printed a test page. However I would like to change the driver to one of the generic PostScript drivers (as I'm having trouble printing certain types of documents).

If I go to settings then Printer and click on the 'Change (Make and Model)' button followed by 'Select printer from database' the system just hangs there forever, saying 'searching for drivers'.

This only happens on Ubuntu 20.04 (fresh install), on Ubuntu 18.04 it works as expected i.e. I am able to choose a different driver.

Any help / pointers would be appreciated!


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Having the same issue with my Samsung Xpress C460FW printer on Ubuntu-Mate 20.04 LTS. printer would not print properly, downloaded software from their website and installed it. went to change the driver in control center. Tried to change the make/model. get the box saying seaching for drivers and the whole process freezes right there. Have to force a quit to get out of it. won't let me manually change the driver same as you.

Anyone having the same experience? Please post any fixes or workarounds.