Freezing randomly

Hey guys I replaced my windows 10 with Ubuntu mate yesterday. The installation was successfully and used it the full day.
The next day(today) I am having random freezes. I am forced to hard shut down.this happens when I'm on Mozilla, watching youtube n other tabs like discord open. Any help is appreciated.

Also my panel has been acting weared.It sometimes promts me to reload it manually.Like a dialog box opens and then i have to click on reload.

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Just a couple questions to give us a lead. Are you fully updated, what version of Ubuntu Mate are you using, and what CPU and GPU do you have.

im using ubuntu mate 18.04 . Here is a screen shot

Also another thing is that when the system freezes, the audio which was playing keeps looping, these freezes only occurred when i was playing some sort of audio, either from youtube or spotify.
i have 2gb integrated graphics and also im not using dual boot, i erased windows and installed this.

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How high is your ram usage at the time of the freezes

Idk, my keyboard mouse everything was frozen.

Freezing like that sounds like you ran out of ram or CPU(which you shouldn't happen with that CPU nor with that amount of ram, how many tabs do you have open in firefox at a time? If you wait long enough does it respond? Have you tried any other versions of Ubuntu MATE? Does it just lock up instantly, or does it slowly lock up(like become very slow to respond, then the mouse slows and then quits, etc)? How much ram is it using at startup?

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I have a similar situation to Rohan Jnr's. However, it is on an elderly wreck of a machine, built in 2003! Athlon64 2233 Mhz CPU with 2 Gb of RAM.

The seizing up is entirely random and can occur before any programs are opened. Sometimes the REISUB trick works; othertimes she needs rebooted.

I figured that I should be grateful that a 2003 machine is still working, but it's handy having a seperate computer handling the music.

The 2014 machine sitting right next to it and running exactly the same Ubuntu MATE 18.04 does not exhibit the same behaviour (touch wood).

Mate performance is generally really good, very fast and I actully like it. The freezes just happened all of a sudden and all happened when I was playing YouTube /audio. 2 times. The audio would just loop around continuously.its been almost 4 hours I have been using it now and no freeze and I'm scared to open any audio and btw my machine is 3 years old so I'm wondering if it has anything to do with audio stuff. Should I check the logs or something?

And there r segfaults in my kernal.log, does that have to do anything?

Would you please paste some rows of those segfaults in log?
Perhaps it could help to proceed in investigation.
I think, it can be either a hardware related issue or bug in a kernel module (e.g audio driver) of your audio or video device. Also it can be a bug in your browser. Please try to turn off hardware acceleration in browser to see if it solves the problem.
go here and you will see the segfaults which i copy pasted from my kernal log file.

Yeah at this point I would try using just local audio and see if it does it, and if it doesn't try audio in the browser, that will hopefully help narrow it down farther, also make sure you are fully updated, I'm no expert just trying to help. :grinning:


In order to get a better picture and not just guessing at the problem. Please post the results of the following:

inxi-Fxxz and then post the outcomes of the commands in this tutorial. Only with better information can someone give you a solution. Also I'm sure if you search this forum on freezing, you will see many resolution that may be posted.

Thanks for sharing the log.
After reading it and doing some searching, it seems, it is not related to audio but rather to graphic subsystem. It would be nice to see Xorg.0.log too after a crash. I think we would see related information in there.

However, if you don't need to keep 18.04 and want to eliminate problem fast, as a shortcut, I would suggest to upgrade to 19.04.

it dosent let me upload the log file here and content is too much for paste bin, are u on discord or something or ur email to which i can send it too?

You can upload it to my Dropbox:

done uplaoding files to our dopbox

Thanks, checking them, please hold on...

Unfortunately there is nothing relevant in the logs.
I can see there are app-menu-mate and mate-panel segfaults and then a hole in the timestamps.
I assume those are the points when system were hanging and you reseted it.
Segfault informations led me to older bugs prior to Ubunto 18.04, so we can say they fixed most of them until now. I'm afraid, you ran into a bug not discovered yet, but I cannot rule it out, that there can be hardware issue too.
I see two possibilities right now. If you upgrade your system to 19.04 (or wait a bit for 19.10) and problem will be gone, then bingo, you won. If problem is still active after upgrade, then hw error confirmed.
If you insist to 18.04 lts, then I suggest to open a bug report at Ubuntu Launchpad.

This is all I can respond now, but perhaps we have other guys here who have ideas.

Okay, thanks for looking into it!