From Foucault to Ubuntu MATE: Do we need a PPE category (Philosophy, Politics, Ethics)?

Do we need a PPE category (Philosophy, Politics, Ethics)? I feel any project would benefit immensely when ‘technical’ development is complemented by ‘ethical’ discussions. To throw in a definition by Foucault of what ‘ethics’ can be: “(…) for what is ethics, if not the practice of freedom, the conscious (…) practice of freedom?”
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I have not been able to find privacy statements (for how long does the site store IP addresses and why?) when performing a quick search. Shouldn’t these issues not only be directly accessible through the main website menu but also be part of a category for community discussion? As far as I understand, Ubuntu MATE is especially geared (but not limited) to those new to Linux and to make all things related to Linux as easy, intuitive and transparent as possible. Providing a category on the website and the forum on PPE, I believe, would make it easier for those escaping the privacy-violating worlds of Windows and Mac to find a new home. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I’m not 100% sure if we need another new top-level category. There is a “Free Culture” area which is hidden at the moment, but sounds like a better suited sub-category for talking about the philosophy, politics and ethics.

I’ll leave the decision up to @Wimpy, who would like to kick start the Free Culture at some point.

The privacy statements and legal stuff can be accessed under About or FAQ at the bottom of the hamburger menu.