FullScreen Window Controls under Top Panel

Want to report this "large papercut bug" for Ubuntu MATE.

  • AMD Ryzen5 w/ Vega Graphics (Thinkpad E-Series Laptop; 1080p 60Hz Display)
  • External Monitor - Spectre 25" Edgeless display (1440p Capable w/ 165 Hz refresh rate

Settings on Monitor Preferences - Laptop Display is Directly Below External Display.

When using Pantheon desktop layout, if I plug my laptop into an external monitor {Displayport} into a USB-C Dock (Displayport over USB-C Standard), the fullscreen windows of an application (Vivaldi in this case) fail to recognize the top panel and hide underneath said panel. Just briefly tested with Ubuntu Welcome Screen and same fullscreen issue applies. Reboot of system does not fix issue.

If I set the panel to autohide, the panel appears as a "bottom panel" on the external display.