Future of MKVMake in 18.04 or dev for next ver?



Does Ubuntu Mate anticipate including what is the Beta (free) version of MKVMake in Mate 18.04 (or 18.10 if it happens) or any DVD ripper that does encrypted DVDs? Is there anything in Synaptic package Manager that fits the bill?
If nothing is anticipated, (I have tried to prepare MKVMake to run on 18.04 from instruction on the web but with no success - not enough expertise on my part likely), can you recommend a commercial package that will run on Mate 18.04?


I am not on U-M 18.04 Still on 16.04, but did you try HandBrake to rip your DVD?


Please see my remark on the Software Boutique version of Handbrake -

You would be better off installing from


And as for MakeMKV, please see -


Edit: Including another MKV tool, take a look at -


See the wikipedia page for a description of MKVToolNix

Good luck @xaire

What happened to MakeMKV?