Gaming + Ubuntu mate = A really fun weekend!

Can't believe how well games run on Linux. I'm so happy I made the switch! It's been a week and I'm planning on making it a lifetime!

Theme : Ambiance blue
Icons : Mate faenza dark
Wallpaper : Cant find the link but red sox <3


Hi Dio_M

Marco plus compositing takes care of our gaming needs. You can also switch to compiz or compton if you do have any issues.


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I never thought about that! The performance is amazing under compiz but I could only imagine how much better it would run with compton. Thanks for the tip :smiley:

Glad you're enjoying linux gaming! I have found it to be surprisingly smooth and well integrated. Hopefully one day it will be as supported as windows!

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Are you using compiz?

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Yep, I had compiz running. I can max out a lot of games smoothly.

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I could have swore I responded to this, but it didn’t go through for some reason. I don’t use Compiz because I’ve had a lot of problems with it so I’m using the compton GPU compositor. Is it worth a shot to try compiz for gaming?

I would say no. Stick with what works for you. Change if you have problems.

I tried compton for a short while and did not have a problem with it. I did find that it use about the same processing power as compiz. Right now I am running marco and find it will do the job. I like compiz for its endless tweaks.

Thanks for reaffirming my decision. lol. I like the compiz tweaks too and honestly wish I could keep it on, but I have constant crashes when I use it so it’s just not practical.