Gaming with Steam and/or WINE

I finally decided to buy a gaming laptop, which I will often plug to a nice 28 inch Acer monitor that is QHD and IPS (I saved by not buying an extravagant screen for it knowing I'd use that monitor often, or even the livingroom TV with HDMI output. I'll install 20.04.6 (I paid to get the updates until 2030 or so, so I'm good, 22.04 support doesn't last as long it seems. Sure I could install the latest, but I find 20.04.6 to be extremely stable (under Ubuntu MATE) on my aging but still very functional AMD FX 8350 32gb DDR3 @ 1866mhz with 2 nvme drives on a x16 pci-e port and 2 regular WD Blue SSD's and one old but benchmark says it is just as new WD Red 2TB HDD in it, it's still in shape and is the largest, space-wise drive I have, so I keep it in. I manage to boot with the little trick with the partitions fine with it, the only problem is that my video card is getting old (Radeon HD 7870), it was the best Radeon for its time, and I love how I have 2 DVI and 2 HDMI screens hooked up on it without a hiccup, but it has issues playing games that aren't that recent, such as Resident Evil 2 Remake, it crashed back then with WINE 6.x, before WINE 7 came out and didn't necessitate all of those dang i386 twin packages when installing it. I haven't tried it again, because I got annoyed, there's many much smaller in graphics demands that I want to play that come in Linux versions (love Harebrained Studios) or some games on Steam, which I have seen operate just fine about 6 years ago on my cousin's desktop while he was using, I think Linux Mint 17.2.

Since Ubuntu MATE is so light on the hardware, I'm thinking of installing it on that laptop I have coming in the mail, I know it would play practically anything with very good benchmarks (it has a Radeon 6750 XT in there). I'm asking because I never really gamed on linux except with emulators and old console roms from the huge collection I amassed back in the late in the late 90's to the late '10s. But Steam on Linux is supposed to work fine, the official packages wouldn't exist otherwise and I do have a dozen of isos of computer games I was keeping for when I'd get something with better hardware, especially graphics wise, my desktop is maxed out except when it comes to the graphics card but even then, pci-e 2.0 is getting old, it's still quite the jump in performance when it comes to nvme ssd's (the Corsair one I have goes up to 1800 mbps when the regular ssd's are stuck to 850mbps in the best of cases, but it would very much impede any newer graphics card I get for it, which would be pci-e 4.0 for sure.

I'm posting this because I'd like some feedback about using the type of graphics card I'll have in this laptop I bought online because it was on a 24 hour major discount and I'm getting bored in my paid weeks off right now, might as well play that bunch of games I bought or found and subscribe to Steam, on a computer that can handle it, and my current desktop is not it, at least, not when it comes to high quality AAA games, I'm sure the desktop could handle Steam, but I want to know what people here have experienced with installing Steam on their U Mate computers, desktop or laptop doesn't really matter. Or with WINE for windows games that demand buying the blu-ray/dvd's still and aren't available on Steam. I have a portable blu-ray player that is usb 3.1 so at least I can use that on the laptop, it wasn't possible to get what I had ordered with an optical drive. My main desktop has BD-R/DVD-RW but I'm one of those music freaks so, it's not surprising I spent 140 for a Pioneer brand BD-R.

I'm mostly worried about not being able to play some games without having to dual boot and having to install win10 pro, the only windows I possess, well, my gf possesses, I don't feel like having to dual boot on my new laptop. So give me your feedback please, so I can send it back in case I could run into a brickwall for some games despite how highly powerful that gamer laptop I got is, I have no experience with gaming on linux outside emulators and roms as I said :slight_smile:

Don't forget that whilst Ubuntu 20.04 LTS has five years of community support; Ubuntu-MATE had only three years, and is already End of Life.

Thus your Ubuntu-MATE support has already ended.

Your Ubuntu community support will end (ie. sites like etc) after 5 years, or 2025-April for 20.04 LTS.

The ESM or extended support comes from Canonical, not the Ubuntu community.

What support you obtain from Canonical will depend on your contract, ie. email, phone etc, as the basic options include only security fixes but no actual support.

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Okay, so, because 22.04 is EOL next year, what should I go with? All I know is that the updates that were greyed out, I paid to get, but I didn't think they would have possibilities of being unstable due to being only for regular Ubuntu. I'll install 24.04 on the laptop I bought then.

As for my main questions regarding gaming?